2 thoughts on “It’s now illegal to know what’s in your food

  1. perhaps there is a large company wanting to market un certified foods .like Ge or gm foods or want to market less than healthy foods for great profit.The WTO who are they and who runs it .What can members collect in their pockets by siding with these companies.Which country do they operate out of ?Do they supply every country with there rules if so do the citizens see them openly.If not each countries people should demand it of their representatives, so we can demand packaging descriptions of every thing we eat.

  2. Here’s some links to Global Trade Watch, for those of us who loath sitting through the corporate non-excellence that is New Zealand internet … click … wait … wait … oh! You Tube! … wait .. wait … watch the little loading thing go round and round … yay! it’s starting! … oh … stopped … wait … wait … round and round …

    Nek minnit, found this on the interwebbys >

    “Todd Tucker, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch joins Thom Hartmann.”

    “Put down that fork! Do you now what’s REALLY on your dinner plate? Well – it’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to find out and there may be very little our lawmakers can do about it. Do you know what’s in your dinner? Chances are…you probably don’t. That’s because recent rulings by the World Trade Organization have made it harder and harder for Americans to know if what they’re eating is safe – and exactly where it came from. For example – last month – the the WTO struck down a law passed by Congress and signed by the President in 2008 had required labels on all meat so that we know what country the cattle was born, raised, and slaughtered in. Think about that for a second – laws passed by our elected Representatives are being struck down by foreign bureaucrats and corporations through the World Trade Organization. Also this year – the WTO struck down dolphin-safe tuna labels – arguing that it would do economic harm to foreign fishing fleets that slaughter dolphins in the process of catching tuna. So why is this? Why is it suddenly illegal for us to know more about what’s in the food we eat? And why are we as a nation bending at the will of the WTO? ”

    from > http://www.democraticunderground.com/1017839


    Todd Tucker > http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=2568
    GTW blog > http://citizen.typepad.com/eyesontrade/

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