5 thoughts on “If Iran hates Jews so much then why haven’t they killed all the Jews living in Iran

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  2. Israel is certainly NOT the agressor — if left alone, she would live at peace with her neighbors just as New Zealand and Australia and other like-democracies do.

    Not so the Arabs whose Islamo-fascist hatred of the West would have them dominate us all given half a chance.

    Take “real” Islam as found in Saudi Arabia. Beheadings, chopping off opposite sided hands and feet of thieves, treatment of women (cannot drive cars for example) — yeah, I have seen these women first hand in their tent clothing with a slit to peer out from.

    This is NOT to say that all Muslims are evil. Of course they aren’t. But the seeds of evil lie in Islam and will sprout like weeds given the chance.

  3. Iran’s only “issue” with Jews is their colony ,Israel.
    Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity .Because of American protection Israel seems to get away with things that no “people” on the planet would escape prosecution/sanctions for .
    The greatest threat to peace in the Middle East is demonstrably Israel.
    If Israel withdrew to its 1967 borders and removed all of its occupying army the Iranian would willingly help broker a lasting peace in the region .
    Israel started the Six Day war to seize land ,it must withdraw .

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