High on NZ’s military wishlist: the Drone!

In 2009 A report came out stating that the NZ military was salivating at the thought of having some drones to guard our national waters!

I pointed out that these hellish machines would be equally handy to spy on the population.

Here we are at the end of 2011 and I thought I’d give you an update as to how far Drones have come:

  • Drones are used against the Palestinians by Israel.
  • Drones are now operational in the US and some of them are equipped to taser people from above.
  • While the US declared an end to the war US drones will have access to Iraqi airspace.
  • In Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen drone attacks have killed many people and it has been used to kill American citizens suspected of “terrorist” activities.
  • Iran just downed (intact) a drone used to spy on Iran while flying above it’s sovereign ground which is a violation of international war.
  • On December 8th a sherrif in Lakota USA used two unarmed Predators to pinpoint and arrest three people involved in a dispute over 6 cows.
  • The US military industrial complex now wants to start selling these machines to all and sundry.

Welcome to the new world order!

2 thoughts on “High on NZ’s military wishlist: the Drone!

  1. NZ has heaps of drones. They do nothing & are parked in the large portapotti near the faultline in Wgton!

    • Yes and they designed their own called Kahu. The thing is if there is ever social unrest and it is getting out of control eventually like in the states it they will be used against the local population

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