Better late than never: Finally a lawsuit to sue the banks involved in illegal foreclosures

Update: Oh oops, Bank of America just crashed through the $4 mark and is dragging the entire market with them to the tune of tens of billions of dollars!!!

Bank of America where John Key holds most of his paper wealth is one of the banks who played a huge role in kicking millions of American out of their homes event though they did not hold the Mortgage deed to these properties and in fact they also kicked people out of their homes who did not owe anything on their homes making them the most hated bank in the US.

On the 15th of December the Attorney general of Massachusetts announced to finally take a stand against Bank of America and other assorted “too big to fail” banks and take the scum to court over these callous and criminal acts. I hope it is the first of many. The good news is that Bank of America’s shares dropped to a perilous $5.01 forcing large scale automated sell off’s. Let’s hope the banks crumbles as it should.

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