Iran, a Drone and Obama, what the hell just went down?

The easy answer of course is that a Drone went down in Iran but why and how did this come about?

The fact is that Iran was able to land a drone which officially did not even exist because it was so advanced.

They did not shoot it out of the sky, it was supposed to be invisible to radar and it was flying at 50.000 feet. Yet the Iranian defence forces where able to overpower the steering mechanisms and land it without damaging it.

They were also able to take control without triggering the self destruct mechanisms. So how did they do this and what could be the repercussions for the US of A and NATO? 

Well that depends on who you read and what you can glean from articles written about it and there are plenty and some of them wilder than others. Such as the claims of Iranian Scientist Keshe that he was able with anti Gravity technology to take the plane and land it.

Another claim was made by Mike Harris who proposed that China as the biggest producer of Semi conductors and the deregulation of military standards opened the door to technological backdoors in US and NATO military hardware. This could open the door to the complete takeover of weapons systems from the biggest global empire this world has ever seen.

A truly terrifying prospect I hope you’ll agree!

3 thoughts on “Iran, a Drone and Obama, what the hell just went down?

  1. Easy. The US allowed Iran to land the drone. That way, there is more reason for a pre-emptive strike, before Iran “takes over all the weapons in the world and blows us all up” or some such.

    Simple, huh? WMDs?

    Weapons of mass destruction are sooo 2000s.

    • There are problems with this theory. Such as these planes are flown by remote control by real people and this would have triggered an alarm and a possible auto destruct sequence. This plane is so advanced it doesn’t even officially exist yet. The second link gives a more believable explanation.

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