The Euro collapse, FEMA camps and China’s and Indian’s demise it’s all coming to pass as I write this

When I scour the Internet for News and items I think New Zealanders should know I often think of a man whom while we fell out over my apparent disrespect for ANZAC day I still think of as a friend. I will refer to him as A as I want to protect his privacy. 

A is a Waikato dairy farmer and a staunch John Key supporter. I suspect he still sometimes visits this blog and my facebook wall because his names shows up on my wall as someone I might want to befriend and other than that he is a FB member has no posts and no photo on his wall in an apparent need for anonymity.

When we were still in contact we often had robust discussions about what John key would do to this country and how he was connected to the banking world and thus entirely suspect. This was about four years ago. A. Voted for John Key and told me he would see us right.

When I look at the world I wonder what A is thinking now?

Here are a few pointers he might pick up on:

The Euro is now in a death spiral. The end is inevitable because of the 30 trillion bankster gambling debts derivatives in the off balance shadow  the banks are trying to extract from the European and global population and the mathematical impossibility to ever pay that debt which wasn’t the global populations to begin with anyway!

Businesses in Spain Italy and Greece are withdrawing their money and are putting it in German and Swiss banks in order to avoid annihilation when the Euro no longer exists, Swiss banks like Germany is preparing for the Euro demise.

France is now even more likely to be downgraded and something A and I discussed as he thought India and China might pick up the slack which I told him at the time was impossible as their biggest customer the US would not be able to buy any of their products is coming to pass at the same time. India’s production is crashing and China which has been keeping it’s own bubble going is facing a fresh wave of ever intensifying social unrest as jobs disappear by the millions due to Americas collapse.

In the US Fema camps are being brought online and contractors are sought to be on standby to be at these camps in 72 hours to welcome the first of the millions of dispossessed Americans arrive for a smooth elimination after President Obama signs S 1876 allowing the military to arrest and round up Americans whom they deem dangerous.

All of this was predicted by smarter people than me but I was able to see this coming from a mile six years ago thanks to these smart people. I hope A reads this and sometime in the future he might even have to admit I was right all along even though being right was one of my greatest fears.

20 thoughts on “The Euro collapse, FEMA camps and China’s and Indian’s demise it’s all coming to pass as I write this

  1. people aint stupid, and goverments aint stupid to turn against its elected…….aggreed theres a not said yet, from goverment tocalm peoples fears…..and people in all this have to be realstic of reality and people mouthing off fear into people…i am sure in time the elected will clm peoples fears

    • Actually most governments turn against their electorate eventually. Most rulers of whatever system turn against their electorate. To trust your rulers is the most stupid thing you can do

  2. gold and silver is the hedge to the fiat currency system……when America implodes the world will feel it

  3. Having emergency camps prepared to receive civilian refugees at 72 hours notice is not actually anything more than prudent disaster planning.

    I hope you will be making a suitably public apology in a weeks’ time….

    • MikeC,

      I did not set a timeline. Nutbarz did. I think they are putting everything in place for when the whole shebang collapses which could be tomorrow or in the next thee years or whatever. Refugee camps for refugees are open and the people are free to come and go. These camps are for people who are not allowed to leave once they are in. That is not disaster planning that is imprisonment planning and with the army soon to be allowed to call any area in the US a battleground and given authority to imprison US citizens at will for a s long as they want where ever they want a stage is set which has nothing to do with helping refugees. So if it’s all the same to you go back to Nutbarz because it seems to me that is where you get your info.

  4. By the way. Yes, 99% of NZers are completely clueless. And most of them don’t want to know.

  5. I’ve known some of this was coming since 1999, but as time went on I got more pieces of the jigsaw.

    China no longer needs to trade with the US. It’s got more than enough funny money and can trade in any currency it likes, or barter. The real game is who gets to control the resources of Africa and the Middle East.

    As for rounding up millions of Americans and putting them in detention camps, it’s been said before: that would cost too much. Besides, there are more guns in private hands in America than there are Americans, and sales are surging.

    I do agree that the system is unlikely to hold together beyond the Norhern summer of 2012.

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