Open mike

I have decided experiment a little and give readers the opportunity to comment on any of the subjects published on this blog such as Geopolitics, John Key, International Finance and 911. Perhaps a link to something they want to share with me or other readers. Some research you find lacking.

Keep it civil and try to give links so people can verify for themselves.

Remember this site is about news which can’t be found in the Mainstream media but try to keep it to verifiable subjects fitting within the frame of this blog. Alien abduction while very amusing or deadly serious to some is not one of them.

Above all enjoy the chance to share with fellow Kiwi’s and quite a substantial readership outside of Godsown!

5 thoughts on “Open mike

  1. Here is a site (or two) ( & that people may want to bear in mind. After the appalling turn out in our Election recently I heard (read really) some talk of voting on line. Now this does sound “very modern” and all but the pit falls are many .
    My interest in the American voting system started slowly with the 2000 Presidential Debacle in America.You know the election that the Supreme Court awarded to a ex cocaine user who was also a untreated alcoholic ,draft avoider and executioner extraordinaire who actually receive the lowest count of the two contenders.
    My interest accelerated some what after stumbling across this gem …
    This developed into quite an intriguing series of events ,culminating in the death of a very unfortunate man approximately a year or so later …Now this link has some VERY GRAPHIC PHOTO’S SHOWING A DEAD BODY so click the link with that warning in mind….
    This “death” was very “odd” …and strangely I’d posted hundreds of “comments” but they don’t seem to be there anymore ! Odd ! was run by a lady who for good reason also doubted the voting system and has done amazing work investigating the truth and lies behind the “electronic voting technologies ” . At the time I was a “Foundation member” but all I ever did was ask really obvious questions ? Bev Harris who is the lady behind the site is relentless in her drive to uncover the ” vectors for fraud” that do and can be include and incorporated into “electronic voting machines” .

    I worked for well over 25 years in computer related repair and systems and in all that time I never saw a single electron so how can you count a vote that is just some electrons ?

    I don’t follow this “area of interest” much now ,as I think American elections are a “illusion of democracy” and saying so on many occasions didn’t win me any friends ,especially Americans . There was “honest” people that I would still class as friends just the same. Wrapping yourself in a flag is never a good start to finding the truth .imho

  2. Great idea my man, but I think you should erase Mike & replace him with mic…lol (sorry, I couldn’t reisist)

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