Christchurch, Fletcher and Zombie banks…? Are John Key’s masters making a mint out of the Christchurch Quake?

Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper echelons of the international elite is and how connected John Key is to all this  and why we should not be surprised to see Nepotism rear it’s ugly head in Christchurch.

Trillion asked on his facebook page who owns Fletcher building and wondered intoning my facebook page (which I thought was very flattering) in which of those shareholders, the majority of which were banks, John Key would have shares causing John Key to make money indirectly of the Chch quake and having a possible conflict of interest in appointing Fletcher building as the company rebuilding Christchurch.

Here is what I found:

The shareholders of Fletcher building are according to the list:

    with 296215920 shares
    with 43521538 shares
    with 38404045
    with 38263529 shares
    with 20757955 shares
    with 11165996 shares
    with 10882102 shares
  8. UBS Nominees Pty Ltd
    with 5391125 shares
    with 4866790 shares
    with 4839937 shares

Bear in mind this is only the 10 biggest share holders and it might be interesting to ask for Fletcher buildings entire list of share holders but for the purpose of this post the list above is enough.

Next I want to give you another list. The list of the biggest shareholders of Bank of America in which John Key holds a large chunk in shares according to the government site pertaining to personal interests of Politicians.

As you see the lists share some of the names. Don’t let the Australia extension fool you because technically that might mean they are a different financial entity but in reality it just means it’s the same company with branches in Australia.

So let’s go over the first list one by one shall we?

with 296215920 shares

This company is none other than a branch of the NZ reserve bank and while most people still think that this is just a benign separate entity invented to help the incompetent NZ government to manage our funds this is of course a branch of the Rothschild banking empire which incidentally also controls Bank of America and the bank of England

with 43521538 shares

In August 2007 a small news paper article appeared in the Waikato times if I remember correctly announcing that JP Morgan Chase had opened a branch in New Zealand. They announced at the same time that they would not be open to the wider public but would only be handling larger industrial projects.

JP Morgan is notorious for financing mountain top removal and is also a major share holder in Bank of America.

with 38404045

National Nominees ltd is what is commonly referred to as an Agent Bank which means it operates on behalf of other banks making this shareholder a bit of a mysterious grey horse as it is not clear who really holds the shares and what made it even more intriguing was the fact that their website was not accessible.

with 38263529 shares and

with 4839937 shares

Dexia is a Franco Belgian bank whose biggest trading partners are Goldman Sachs and Morgan chase. The bank received $6 billion in the 2008 crisis and was recently the first European bank called “too big to fail” and was bailed out a la A.I.G and the US banks.

with 20757955 shares

HSBC is another fine example of banking rectitude. It is the biggest issuer of credit cards in the US were they charge loan shark interests and they have just been convicted of scamming thousands of vulnerable old age pensioners out of their savings on products which would mature well after their deaths.

Together with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Societe General they were also the biggest bank to Mohammar Gaddafi.

with 11165996 shares

I a group which also holds huge shares in Rio Tinto and Sirtex medical (about which more later)

with 10882102 shares and

with 4866790 shares

Citicorp is the old name of what is after a merger now called Citigroup and the bank like Morgan chase is also one of the biggest shareholders in Bank of America.

When John Key was part of the Foreign Exchange committee he shared that honour with James Kemp from Citigroup.

UBS Nominees Pty Ltd
with 5391125 shares

Is a Branch of the Swiss bank UBS AG. This bank is also heavily exposed to the international derivatives trade. No personel has been recorded and no profile for clients has been given. I could serve as a front for other banks and also shows up on other corporation shareholders list indicating it could be involved in the privatisation of ACC (more on that later)

The fact that two banks hold more than 1 lot of shares could indicate that these are divided into to investor groups.

In fact it could be that all these banks just service large groups of investors with these shares as investment funds. In fact it is more than likely.

However it must be remembered that while these investors themselves are not the bad guys as all they want is just the biggest return on their money as they can get but that the corporations servicing these funds are bound by law to give their investors the biggest return on their money as they can and they do so in a psychopathic manner. If you doubt this I suggest you watch the film the Corporation 

But what has John Key has to do with this you ask?

Apart from the fact that John Key has two trusts one of which is blind which both could be holding shares in said investment funds which would be a conflict of interest he also has a shares and quite a substantial number of them in Bank of America.

Bank of America is one of the five banks which are to big to fail and heavily exposed to the Derivatives trades currently destroying the global economy.

If bank of America collapses John Key loses a lot of money and these banks are investing heavily in real world assets with their soon to be worthless US $. In order for John Key to protect his wealth he has to keep on supporting the system in which these banks operate. Having shares in the company which does most of it’s restoration and rebuilding work in Christchurch and being given the money by the NZ government to do so is one such operation.

In giving Fletcher building the job the National government helped John Key do just that.

In researching the names of the shareholders I also uncovered a series of PDF’s and links to other companies about which I will write at length in the coming days connecting these same shareholders to Rio Tinto and several Medical corporations indicating the same conflict of interest with the coming privatisation of ACC and the mining tsunami coming our way.

34 thoughts on “Christchurch, Fletcher and Zombie banks…? Are John Key’s masters making a mint out of the Christchurch Quake?

  1. Checkout Fletchers MACD chart and compare it to its sector and the economy, from when the 9 bil and jonkey got here.

  2. Just wanted to add that National Nominees is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Australia Bank ( The two largest shareholders of NAB are HSBC and JP Morgan.

    Now take a look at who owns Sky City Entertainment (… the 3 largest shareholders are HSBC, National Nominees and JP Morgan.

  3. thank you for your work in exposing this – E for Expose where they don’t have any where to hide – it might be ‘legal’ maybe but its in the public interest to have all this out in the light of day …so thank you

    i wonder how much tax fletcher pays and how it dodges it ?

  4. Brownlee and Sutton are the real villains because they are not enforcing public oversight of public money. While I have no love for Key he is the PR face. Instead of focus on his personal wealth look at who he worked for before he came to work for the Nats.

    In the vein of what Qualanqui said, I never worked for Fletchers but another kiwi construction company whose main shareholders have just hit the rich list. We worked on government funded projects that my foreman described as “a licence to steal.” The taxpayer always get reamed by private companies in construction because the private property developers (at least prior to 2009) reamed the construction industry.

    I get called a commie by my mates but I believe the old days of state owned construction (ministry of works) was more efficient for the taxpayer. I know this by licence to steal boss who used to be one of those “inefficient” state run workers. It was getting booted out of a lifelong job then working the same job with less money in the same trucks for a company who brought it all for a dollar that makes him realise everyone should be out for themselves. All private enterprise is inherently selfish

    • Also forgot to add if a state owned ministry was in charge instead of a privately run company then the large number of young unemployed would have the option of learning a trade. I can’t see Fletcher hiring long term unemployed youths with zero job history and turning them into educated tradesmen.

      • I agree with you there and this is what Noam Chomsky has to say about it: Privatisation does not mean you take a public institution and give it to some nice person. It means you take a public institution and give it to an unaccountable tyranny

  5. Early October 2008 also saw the Federal Reserve Board establish the MMIFF, which was launched to provide liquidity to U.S. money market investors by facilitating the sale of money market instruments in the secondary market.
    In November 2008, Fitch assigned an ‘F1’ rating to each of five
    ABCP programs that were created in conjunction with the MMIFF.
    The programs, Hadrian, Trajan, Aurelius, Antoninus, and Nerva, named after the five good Roman emperors are structurally identical and differ only with respect to each one’s unique list of 10 approved obligors.
    Hadrian includes Reserve bank of Australia and Westpac
    Nerva includes Westpac NZ

    The European Central Bank received the largest amount of dollars under the swap line arrangements. Banco do Brasil, Bank of Canada, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand did not draw on their swap lines.

    However Australian Reserve Bank drew 10 times in total $53 billion.

    Staggering isnt it.

  6. NZCSD biggest shareholder in Fletcher
    Ok RBNZ owns NZCSD
    Look at the Board of Directors for RBNZ
    Just looking at that list, isnt there a huge conflict of interest???
    What I cant find is a NZ registered company information for Reserve Bank of New Zealand, according to RBNZ website “The Reserve Bank is not a government department, but is a body corporate…”
    If its a body corporate ie: a company why isnt it on the NZ companies register??
    Is there something I’m missing??

  7. I have a good friend who worked for fletchers and he said a while back before I even got interested in this that fletchers where raking in money hand over fist from the government and wasting it like it was water and it is all going straight on our tab talk about how to ruin a country while making the rich richer

      • My mate is one of those guys who thinks a gremlin lives inside the computer and that’s how they work but I will talk to him in more detail cos it is very interesting and makes you wonder if all this has been engineered.
        They have the technology with HAARP and just look at what has happened because of this: people are being driven off there land and being forced to take sub-standard settlements which force them to take another mortgage from the big banks, the government is throwing money around increasing our deficit by an insane amount, fletchers being owned be the reserve, insurance premiums going through the roof it just stinks and in conjunction with everything else going on in the world it makes you think.

    • Nero-esque financial orgies. Nek minnit… an “accounting error” is discovered and no one knows where a substantial sum of money has disappeared to… shades of Haliburton?

  8. Deutsche Pacific formerly Bankers Trust based in Cook Islands for tax purposes
    Deutsche Futures formerly Bankers Trust Futures
    Deutsche Financial formerly Bankers Trust Financial
    Deutsche Corporate Finance formerly Bankers Trust Finace
    Deutsche Services formerly Bankers Trust Services

    ALL Keys directorships prior to being PM

    • Deutsche bank did not buy Bankers trust until, if I’m correct, 1997, This was after the bank collapsed due to the fact that Proctor & Gamble called them on selling dodgy Derivatives. However Deutsche bank is a very interesting bank for a myriad of very shady reasons

    • Thanks Simon… makes sense and this lines up with a piece I read years ago by Ian Wishart –

      It’s time we had a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” with its own constitution.

  9. I’m not sure that RBNZ is a Rothschild bank as it is crown entity 100% owned by the NZ Government. That’s not to say that being good little IMF’ers the NZ Government (regardless of party colour) doesn’t take its orders from Rothschild institutions – IMF, BIS, World Bank, etc.

    Regardless, this is an excellent example of the insidiousness of corporate ownership in NZ and beyond, and I have no doubt we will see these same names among the power company shareholdings once they are sold.

  10. I was going to say the uber parasite Goldman Sachs is missing from this cabal of corruption but I see you cleared up that ….(RBC DEXIA INVESTOR SERVICES AUSTRALIA (PIIC A/C)
    with 4839937 shares)

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