The universe sings?

Sounds recorded by the NASA Kepler telescope reveal that every star emits it’s own song. I wonder what song our planet sings ate the moment but I bet you it’s sad, hurt and slowly waning as we continue our insane march to annihilation.



4 thoughts on “The universe sings?

  1. I believe that collective insanity is humanity’s own song, and not the Earth’s, but it’s being sung by less people all the time as more of us realise that the future lies in living in harmony with the planet and with each other. This is the crux of the “global political awakening” that Zbigniew Brzezinski has frequently cited as being the single biggest threat to the NWO, and which I believe to be an unconscious undercurrent of the Arab Spring risings, the London riots, and the Occupy movements worldwide and many more events worldwide. They’re much more than just a reaction to the establishment.

    The Earth itself is not a victim and will do whatever it needs to do, even if that means cleansing itself of humanity… it’s song is singing louder all the time and it’s frequency is rising.

    All we need is love… it’s the primary frequency to counter the frequencies of hate and fear that TPTB are disseminating through the MSM and the words and actions of our governments. Love vibrates at a much higher rate than hate and fear – both very dense frequencies.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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