Economic growth is predictably down and John Key’s OK with that!

John Key stated, in reaction to the corrected downward treasury forecast, that it wasn’t dramatic  and unless Europe would meltdown which was outside of his control (but not of his mates) he was not overly concerned.

Well let’s have a look at what some finance and political blogs have to say about the Euro and Europe shall we?

  • Germany is on downgrade watch
  • Austria is on downgrade watch
  • France is on downgrade watch
  • Italy’s minister for welfare burst out crying and could not finish her announcement of social austerity but the prime minister and Goldman Sachs boy Mario Monti had absolutely no problem telling the Italians to bend over and get screwed by his masters
  • Portugal raided it citizens piggy bank i.e. pension fund which is just what John Key will do when our time comes.

And last but not least here is an interesting blog I found this morning : psychopathic economics 101 on the international finance world. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Economic growth is predictably down and John Key’s OK with that!

  1. Some links for ya Trav.

    A wee bit over my head but I think this is the money quote:

    Our conclusion is that history is guiding us. There were sequential primary dealer failures in the last four years. The most notorious was Lehman Brothers, and in that case the role of the NY Fed has certainly been questioned in great depth. The CEO of Lehman Brothers remained on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York during a period in which his firm was getting maximum attention from the NY Fed. Is there not a conflict of interest between sitting on a board of a Federal Reserve Bank and managing a firm that is a beneficiary or a participant in transactions with that Federal Reserve Bank?

    • Thanks for the links Joe! I always love links to new sites. I’ll check them out and MF Global is a big one.

  2. Did George Bush (you know the really dumb one ,W ) get plastic surgery or is John Key for real ?
    “he was not overly concerned” …it must be Bush …what an idiot !

    • In fact he’s loving it. Downgrades and Financial volatility are a banksters best friend after all.

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