Revealed: The ‘secret’ app installed on millions of mobile phones that records your keystrokes, your browsing and reads your messages

Over the past few months, Google’s Android phones have been subjected to increased attacks by malicious software.

But it seems millions already come with spy software ‘pre-installed’.

Carrier IQ – a software package often used by US phone networks to monitor how phones are used – seems to not only read private text messages and Google searches, but transmit that data to Carrier IQ.

The company denies that its software is designed to spy on users.

An Android app developer Trevor Eckhart showed that Carrier IQ – installed as standard on phones such as HTC’s handsets, many Android handsets and some BlackBerries – can ‘read’ what users type.

Eckhart demonstrated that not only does the software ‘read’ every keystroke put into a phone.

The software also appeared to read every text message sent to the phone.

It also appeared to ‘log’ location data – and transmit all of this to Carrier IQ.

Carrier IQ immediately tried to suppress Eckhart’s report.

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