Fukushima China Syndrome near says TEPCO, Government

‘Gravest Fukushima status report’ 

TEPCO and the Japanese government, for first time since the Fukushima nuclear power plant nuclear catastrophe began on March 8, have said the facility is near China Syndrome according to a report that the Wall Street Journal called Thursday the “Gravest Fukushima status report.”  Nuclear fuel rods in Reactor No. 1 have likely melted completely through the last vessel between radioactive material and the planet, as independent scientists and nuclear whistleblowers have been saying was a clear concern since August.

The new report says that the nuclear fuel rods in reactor No. 1 have likely melted completely  — burning a hole through one surrounding vessel and through up to three-quarters of the concrete base at the bottom of a second containment vessel, a last barrier between the radioactive core and the outside world, reported Mitsuru Obe and Tom Fowler for the Wall Street Journal.

Obe and Fowler say that the latest assessment “marked Japan’s most sobering reckoning to date of the nuclear disaster sparked by the country’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami.”

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