The top 5 of things that scare me the most today!!!

The amount of scary events passing by in a day at the moment are ramping up no end and none of these make the mainstream media in New Zealand so here are my top 5 of today:

  1. Easily the most scary event today is the fact that  the US senate will pass on Thursday local time a law which will allow the US army to arrest US citizens anywhere in the world and detain them without a court case at infinitum (that means forever) anywhere in the world. And while I’m not an America citizen (the US already sees fit to arrest brown people with funny clothes and a different religion all over the world) I predict that the Trade agreement New Zealand will be part of will include full cooperation with this law as it will give them the opportunity to legally dispose of people who oppose the Austerity measures and the bankers rule in a tidy fashion.
  2. Easily the second most scary event took place in the recent past. The takeover of two countries by Banking technocrats without their population having a say in the matter. Both Greece and Italy are now ruled by banking insider technocrats and the European Reserve bank is run by another banking insider.  All these powerful insiders have total control over the monopoly of violence and are leaving the population to suffer the consequences of their Austerity measures. The bank most prominent in the take over is Goldman Sachs
  3. The third scary event is and has been on the way for some time but it is escalating to the point of no return very rapidly and is only reaching the mainstream media now that it concerns Britain. On Wednesday (Tuesday local time) “hard-line” Iranian protesters stormed the UK Embassy in Teheran  and took two member of the UK staff hostage in a scene eerily reminiscent of the  1979 attack on the US Embassy.What our mainstream media does not tell us is that there have been several attacks on important Iranian installations and scientists by groups widely believed to be foreign possibly Mossad and/or UK, NATO and US intelligence. What is clear is that they already do support an Iranian rebel group. What makes it all extra scary is that China has committedto helping Iran even if that means WWIII.the UK has called all personnel back to the UK and has closed the Iranian Embassy in London. And it appears that now France, Germany and Italy are calling their Ambassadors back too
  4. My fourth most scary thing is the threat of an attack on Syria because it will start mass murder on a grand scale and because of the risk of involving both Chine and Russia in the conflagration What our mainstream media is not telling us is that two Russian war ships and three submarines have already arrived in Syria and while they deny that they are there to help Syria reports have come in of Russia delivering defensive rocket systems. Reposts are also coming in about NATO flying in al Qaeda fighters from Libya. And sharpshooters from unknown origin shooting at random Syrian citizens to create instability.
  5. Last but not least is the continued financial mayhem in Europe. This is not really a European issue as the the US banks very well know. It was leaked on Monday morning local time that the Federal Reserve of the UShas bailed out the European banking system. Why? Because is they fail the US will collapse too. It is inevitable that this happens but our main stream media does not tell us this.Here is why:

    British advisory groups are advising to prepare for the total collapse of the Euro and this is in the mainstream news in the UK.

    France has been down graded from AA- to A while one of its biggest banks may have been on the verge of a major collapse. Update: This bank was Credit Agricole.

I don’t know about you but these are truly scary events and it’s only going to get worse!


5 thoughts on “The top 5 of things that scare me the most today!!!

  1. the vid is the scariest …we can see all the things he says actually happening …we have a “Systemic Collapse” coming and its not going to be pretty of over in our life times…
    I hope my kids are clued up enough.
    Like he said …”the next twenty years are not going to be like the last twenty years ” !
    The four things are fricken symptoms of the start of the fifth !

    Hope you don’t mind ,I’m going to repost the vid ….

    • Always, always feel free to repost anything you find of value on this blog. If I wrote it I’d like to be mentioned as the source. If I didn’t mention the source I got it from.

      Almost all the blogs I quote have the same attitude.

      Fuck copy rights, let’s get this show on the road!

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