Towers of dust

In a conventional demolition the intend is maximum destruction with minimum pollution of the environment. This means that all asbestos, gypsum, heavy metals and other pollutants are removed before the demolitionThe average pile remaining is about 12 % of the original height. Here is what happened to the twin towers on 911:

3 thoughts on “Towers of dust

  1. Yeah, abandonculture, we ARE living in some kind of fairy tale, that’s just the point. All is not as it appears and our “controllers” play us daily, like fiddles, on every level imaginable.
    If this was not planned by America, in America, down to the last detail, then George Dubya is the most intelligent thing an orgasm ever spat and swear to God the National Government never broke a promise and is actually serving New Zealand’s best interests….. Yes I am being bloody ironic!!!

  2. I think WTC 7 was the “usual” style of “controlled demolition” and an advanced method was used on the Twin Towers. WTC7 “rubble pile ” was higher than WTC 1 or 2.

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