Only days to save the Euro?

After the rigged failed bonds sale of Germany which has the safest economy and which should have been able to sell their bonds just fine here come more threads. Only 10 days to save the Euro if only Germany would cooperate.

Bullocks, what we are watching is the controlled demolition of the global financial system to bring in a single currency controlled by the bankster. No more sovereignty, the right to hit the globe anywhere any time, the right to kill citizens anywhere any time without a right to a trial and total control of the globe.

Rest assured that John Key is going to be relaxed with that!

2 thoughts on “Only days to save the Euro?

  1. I have read several of the comments to this post and am wondering now, why I bothered. Far too many of them are full of pseudo-intellectual clap-trap, the rest have rapidly deteriorated into exchanges of insults, not at all unlike the points-scoring in a typical so-called political debate. Suffice to say, in visiting this blog, I came with high hopes. At this point, I bow out, realising yet again that this, like so many others of its kind, is frequented by hopeless wannabees who would doubtless contribute more to the betterment of our world by singing all the verses of “10 Green Bottles” under water!

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