The men who killed John F Kennedy

As I wrote in an earlier post I never paid the Kennedy assassination a lot of attention as I was very young when it happened and it simply did not figure a lot in my life but recently I have come to the realisation that the event is closely related to the people still at the top of the power pyramid and is therefore still incredibly relevant especially if you accept that the official explanation of the 911 attacks is scientifically impossible.

So when I found this link to a program from the history channel discussing some of the “Conspiracy theories” concerning the assassination I decided to have a look. This particular program discusses the theory that President Johnson was involved in the murder. I find it quite plausible and in fact papers released by Caroline Kennedy from her mothers estate confirm that her mother was of the same opinion. I can’t embed the link here so here is where you can find the doco.

11 thoughts on “The men who killed John F Kennedy

  1. Here we appreciate people who actually try to interact with intelligence and something to say for themselves.

    Like Mick?

    • Mick has a track record here and if you can’t recognise Irony that’s your problem. You’re wasting our time here Tahi. Strike two, one to go!

      • if, as you say in more recent posts, you’re trying to attract and ‘educate’ people from outside your existing readership, you need to take into account how newcomers to the site will perceive comments like Mick’s, regardless of his history on the site, and whether or not his comment was meant ironically.

        Coming only a couple of days after another activist set fire to a car in Cuba St., it would be easy enough for a reporter to come to this site and write a piece that stated (quite accurately) that commenters on this site ‘made jokes about water-boarding people’.

        Just an observation from a newcomer to the site.

        • Hi Tahi,

          Thank you for your coherent thought on a serious issue. I hope however that you will be reading more from what I have on offer and leave the comments to me. My blog states unequivocally that I do not support or wish to incite violence.

          If a journalist wishes to ridicule my blog or smear it I’m sure there would be plenty of issues he or she could point out but in fact after I send my open letter to Eugene Bingham to Eugene Bingham in December 2008 i not only did not get a reply or a court order to desist mentioning Eugene Bingham in such a negative way, the NZ Herald actually removed five pages from the “Unauthorised” biography from the online version.

          All these pages related to John Key’s banking career.

          So it is my sneaking suspicion that rather then “exposing” my blog they’d rather ignore it and hope it will go away.

          I would welcome the publicity even from a smearing hit piece from the mainstream media. Hasn’t happened. Funny eh?

        • touché ,my bad.
          You will learn much from the information posted on this site .
          You will find my comments irreverent at times and ironic at other times. I’m not a “rocket surgeon” but I try to pay attention . I will not back down from a fight but abhor violence. I hate the way we (the Free World) seem to be heading into Fascism .I see Corporations having more of a say than Citizens and wonder how we can correct this aberration .The only thing I know that helps for me is to “pay attention” and thats what I try to do. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    • Violence is never the way! … It will distract from what you actually have to say and make yourself and your fellow activists look like nutters even more then they already do.


      Welcome to this site. Your first attempt at contact wasn’t very successful. Here we appreciate people who actually try to interact with intelligence and something to say for themselves.

      Three strikes such as this and you are out. One down two to go

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