Arab League Adopts Economic Blockade Sanctions Syria “Effective Immediately”

This weekend the Arab league called for all foreign Arabs to leave Syria.
In the off case that this weekend’s Italian bailout rumor roundup does nothing to quell the ongoing European collapse, the status quo is already working in diversion Plan B. Enter the Arab Leage and the announcement that it has approved sanctions against Syria, including an asset freeze and an embargo on investments, effective immediately. And while the screenplay is for now a carbon copy replica of what happened in Libya, with the imposition of a “No Fly Zone” over Syria as reported previously as the most likely next step, what is unique is the response that will follow from not only Syria, but Iran (which followed in Russian footsteps and announced it would attack NATO member Turkey missiles if provoked) as well as Russia and China, all of which have made it clear that any unilateral, US/Europe-backed agression against Syria will not stand. BBC reports: “League foreign ministers adopted the unprecedented sanctions at a meeting in Cairo by a vote of 19 to three. The move came after Syria refused to allow 4,000 Arab League monitors into the country to assess the situation on the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Arab League Adopts Economic Blockade Sanctions Syria “Effective Immediately”

  1. I just read a blog of yours from 2008 regarding John Key and possibility he had been groomed to become NZ’s PM and sell off our assets to his rich mates. I have been doing a little bit of research myself in the last few days due to a “impartial” press release put out by Woodward Research last week. I am now totally convinced this is the case. Alot of these people are so called “angel” investors and many of them have energy interests, and many of them worked in finance industry overseas at the same time. I need to do something but I don’t know what to do! Any suggestions?

    • Yes, John Key was groomed to sell out his country to overseas banking interests to pay for debts not of our making.

      I don’t know what you can do about it because the majority of voters has been foolish enough to buy his façade, Educating your friends, sharing this info and help build resistance are the only advise I can give you.

      Also could you give me any links to this info you talk about. I will write about it and help spread this info.

      You have to understand that these people will do what they set out to do for now and the mess they create will be up to us to clean up after the tempest has raged. It is happening in Greece, Italy and it will happen here. That is the bad news.

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