It’s official; 60 % of Kiwi voters have Stockholm syndrome or welcome to NZ goldman Sachs

In England they are preparing for major riots not if but when the Euro collapses and both Greece and Italy are already ruled by unelected Goldman Sachs stooges.

In America MF Global is the first bank to steal their customers money without consequences and Bank of America owned by the Rothschild’s and the bank to which John Key owns his allegiance is kicking people out of their homes illegally and here…. here they vote a bankster in.

I can only explain this in one way. The overwhelming majority of Pakeha came here convinced they were going to build a new Britain in which they were going to be the new upper class and to this day they believe they are millionaires temporarily out of cash instead of the peasants they were and still  are in the eyes of our new master; Goldman Sachs!

We are a Nation of people suffering from Stockholm syndrome identifying with the 1% oppressing us. Gods, help us!

6 thoughts on “It’s official; 60 % of Kiwi voters have Stockholm syndrome or welcome to NZ goldman Sachs

  1. A couple of months back I had to stifle my vomit when I read in the Herald that Goldman Sucks had been commissioned to write some kind of report on how NZ can improve its economic performance.

    Their conclusion: NZ needs to increase womens’ participation in the workforce by 25%.

    Now, I’m guessing anybody reading this blog can already read half a dozen subtexts in that statement – for just one example, this will increase potential tax take, or theft if you will, by 25% – but to me, the REAL NEWS was the fact that the NZ govt, whose job is ostensibly to take care of the best interests of NZers, is taking economic advise from a group of people who, through a combination of fraud, theft, malice and incompetence, have proven themselves to be the very LAST people you should take economic advice from.

    Not only this, but the countries biggest newspaper ran the story without a trace of irony, or even an allusion to the unimaginable chutzpah of GSucks… And I don’t remember any outcry from the general public at the insanity of it all.

    I didn’t vote, and I didn’t vote last time and I’ll probably never vote again. There are many reasons, but knowing that its a complete farce and that, whether Labour or National, phoney left or phoney right, our so-called representatives are here to serve vile bankers is the main one.

  2. I hope sincerely that these major riots “they are preparing for”
    don’t happen. That is not the way to beat this thing. In fact, it’s the very thing the establishment wants, because it gives them every excuse to “crack down” on protestors and pass them off as the “lunatic fringe”, and so forth. What I do believe is that every opportunity for planning positive action must and should be seized upon through social media. Let’s use the technology at our disposal for good. If we truly want to make the world a better place, we can only do it in non-violent ways. Any ideas?

    • John Kennedy said: He who makes a peaceful revolution impossible makes a violent one inevitable.

      I can only do what I can do and that is to give people the information they should be getting from their Journalists.

      I hope that as this information spreads we will be able to push back globally and remember it is a very small group we are actually fighting.

  3. Personally, I am appalled at the collective stupidity of NZers who voted for National this time around. I’m not suggesting that Labour would not have pursued the same goals (by my reckoning, they lost their veneer of having a socialist manifesto about 1987, with the advent of Rogernomics, followed by their decision to spend $5 billion on unwanted frigates) by a different route but it’s patently clear that National has blatantly betrayed us every step of the way.
    Knocking the last few nails in New Zealand’s coffin will be like taking candy from the proverbial baby.

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