Fiery protest ‘endangered public’ more on the Cuba Mall “protester’

It appears that a man who was clearly “distressed” and over “exited” (or mentally unstable) set fire to his car in Cuba street Wellington and kept yelling things about youtube and fractional reserve banking.

It also appears the police had dealings with this man earlier in the week. I understand that until someone does something there can be no arrest or intervention but could the police not have done more for this poor soul?

Here is someone clearly causing havoc and who is clearly unstable causing danger to himself and the public and the police know about him and they just let him go? Or was it convenient for the powers that be to let a clearly deranged person do something irresponsible to smear the OWS and activists like myself !

What I find so very scary is the fact that this poor soul obviously had done his homework and really did try to tell people about the reality of our financial system and I fear he will be locked up simply because people here are so totally unaware of the fact that he was actually right about his protest but that in his need to expose the financial fraud he did something that he should not have done. Burning a car in a busy pedestrian road is simply unacceptable. No matter what the cause. It will distract from what you actually have to say and make yourself and your fellow activists look like nutters even more then they already do.

Violence is never the way!

6 thoughts on “Fiery protest ‘endangered public’ more on the Cuba Mall “protester’

  1. I’ve have to say I totally disagree with this guys “methods” but I would also like to be there when he goes to Court .
    What does he say ” I’ve worked for the Chairman of the Rural Bank of New Zealand” ? He appears lucid and calm .And he has written on the pavement ” Fractional Lending ,google it ” ,in and of itself not a bad idea for the average person.
    What is the catalysis for this ?
    I worked for a Charted Account during the 87′ Crash and he “recovered” some of his “losses” cause by the crash ,he took it out of monies contracted to me ! $120,000 was the Court judgment against him ,I received $0.00 due to his sleazy moving around of debt loading from his other Companies into the Company that I sued.
    Long story short …I would have so easily have blown up a car if I thought it would have got me justice …but cooler heads prevailed.
    Peoples action can change the lives of innocent hard working honest people and they can do it without thought motivated by greed over honesty .
    What happened to cause this action ? “Fractional Lending” ?

    • I agree with you on this but it also appeared that the police had been notified and been in touch with him a couple of days before this event in which case I think maybe they should have brought him to a crisis team or something so he could have some down time somewhere. I think getting to know all this stuff in and of itself can be deeply traumatising too. I know when I started to wake up to 911 and all this finance stuff I felt totally overwhelmed and I have an environment (such as a supportive husband, in laws and even the bigger part of the town I live in and this blog to give it a place but even I sometimes feel surreal with the denial most people are in

      • I do (live in welly)and would like to ,problem is I’m doing 7 days a week on a project and when polling “overtime rates” they might get a little peeved. But I’ll see .

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