On voting tomorrow!

I have done my utmost best to bring to the citizens of this beautiful country the ugly truth about international Finance and John Key’s very, very close connection to it and while I wish I had reached more people I know I have reached thousands of new readers over the last couple of weeks and that I find very encouraging as some of them came of Kiwiblog without leaving large amounts of trolling comments and many of them came by way of other National dominated Websites were I left links to posts on my blog. I think people are waking up. I only hope it will be enough of you in time!

Tomorrow you the good citizens of this country are going to vote and I think this is one of the most crucial elections this country has ever seen. This is not an election about which party is going to rule New Zealand the coming three years but an election which could very well end the sovereignty of New Zealand in favour of a banking cartel ruled global occupation which will see the last great Global looting commence as is happening in Greece, Italy and will continue to engulf Spain, France and in the end every sovereign country in the Western world.

I hope you use your vote wisely!!!

6 thoughts on “On voting tomorrow!

  1. Only came to your blog a month ago and have read most posts and many links. Thanks so much for the work and information. You’re as thorough as Naom Chomsky and a real treasure. Kia kaha e nga mihi nui.

    • You give me too much credit but it doesn’t mean I’m not pleased. Please share with all you know and remember it is people like you who keep me going.

  2. Saturday’s vote will be frying pan or fire stuff. The TPPA, along with the continued selling-off-the-taxpayers’-silver is likely under either
    of the brownshirt political groups (blue/red mix). (Labour forged the FTA with Chairman Mao’s mates)

    Shonkey lied in the last election campaign. Does a financial leopard change its spots? So we’re probably being lied to in the current campaign. Labour just wants to get high on OPiuM by spending Other People’s Money in the style to which it has become accustomed. Act is now a charade; the green-hued socio-communists are not much better.

    If enough people give their party vote to the conservatives, they may have a big enough vote share to sock the cosy duopoly crowd out of their power-mad euphoria. How long it would be before any fresh-faced conservatives were bludgeoned into line is anyone’s guess, though.

    • I agree in many ways with you. Especially the fact that both parties are basically to heads of the same dragon.

  3. Thanks for helping me see more and learn more. I voted yesterday for the first time since i moved to NZ, looking forward to making NZ a better place for everyone.

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