“I Will Never Do Business In The United States Of America Again”

From Washington blog:

Two-Out-Of-Three Americans (66%) Believe the Federal Government Has Not Been Aggressive Enough In Pursuing  Criminal Behavior By Wall Street Bankers

A poll last month from Rassmussen found:

Two-out-of-three Americans (66%) believe the federal government has not been aggressive enough in pursuing possible criminal behavior by some Wall Street bankers ….

Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted. See this and thisLibertarian, free market economists agree.

Trust is necessary for a stable economy, and fraud prosecutions are necessary to restore trust.   But – because D.C. politicians are prostitutes (pimps, technically) – the government has made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street. Indeed, Obama is prosecuting fewer financial crimes than under Reagan or either Bush.

Things have become so lawless in America that one investor wrote – in response to the theft of over a billion dollars of client funds by MF Global:

I will never do business in the United States of America again.   The system to protect futures accounts is broken.   And the whole world knows knows it.

(He’s not the only one).

Europe is no better.

No wonder the European and American economies are on the ropes.  On the other hand, Iceland – which is prosecuting banking fraud at the CEO level (see this and this) – is actually recovering.

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