JF Kennedy was murdered 48 years ago.

I’m going to confess something today which might strike you as odd but here it is: I have never spend a day researching JF Kennedy’s murder. I never thought about it and while I saw the Oliver Stone film never seriously questioned the official story other than in passing. I was 7.5 years old when it happened and the world moved on and Vietnam and the cold war took us inexorably into more mayhem and destruction I had other things on my mind growing up a teenage girl in Amsterdam in the roaring seventies and growing up in the volatile environment that was Amsterdam.

I didn’t study his murder and I still have had no time to do so other than read parts of a book written by Russ Baker called Family of secrets; the Bush family but I am convinced now that John F Kennedy was murdered by interests other than the Patsy Harvey Oswald and here is why:

Here is a video of that day. It is a very short video. It shows the body guard standing on the back of the car driving J F Kennedy being called of and him clearly in body language showing his surprise and disbelieve at being called off leaving Kennedy exposed from all sides. It was only seconds later that JFK was shot.

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