Six degrees of separation or how close is John Key to the key players in the global banker take over?

Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. Wikipedia

This is an interesting phenomenon and I would like to take the opportunity to demonstrate John Key’s connection to arguably the most corrupt players currently fomenting the Global banker take over with the help of this phenomenon.

These groups are amongst others, the BilderBerg Group, Trilateral commission, the Federal Reserve of New York, The city of London, Council of foreign relations. Merrill Lynch (bankrupt but still very much alive) is another group which is very powerful and in fact is mentioned as the 10th most powerful global player in this list.

And arguably the most corrupt and most powerful of all is Goldman Sachs

So how is John Key connected to these groups or is he?

Wells the simple answer is that John Key is so connected to these groups it’s scary but let me show you how in degrees:

    1. Here is a 1 degree connection- John Key and his National Cabinet has appointed Mike Moore as the NZ ambassador to the US.  Mike Moore is a Bilderberg man and is a pacific member of the trilateral commission ex Director General of the WTO and a dedicated globalist.
    2. 1 degree- John Key served on the foreign exchange committee of the Federal reserve of New York. This is a committee you get appointed on for three years, is upon invitation only and connects John Key to the Federal Reserve in 1 degree however…
    3. This committee which is a breeding ground for power players in the banking world appointed two characters, one of which we will hear about a lot more, in the period before John Keys appointment in November 1999. One was John Key’s direct boss Stephen Bellotti and the other was Robert Rubin who left the committee in 1999 while serving Clinton as the Secretary of treasury. This connects John Key in 2 degrees to one of the world most corrupt and powerful men; Robert Rubin. It connects John Key to the Clinton administration in the exact year the Glass Steagal act was repealed opening the door for the Financial collapse we are now witnessing.
    4. Via Robert Rubin John Key connects to Goldman Sachs, the Obama administration, again to the Trilateral commission, the Bilderberg group and to the council of foreign relations which is a Rockefeller led group. If you want to know what that means here is Matt Taibbi on Robert Rubin
    5. In the past three years John Key met with both Timothy Geinthner ((Twice) and Ben Bernanke.  Timothy Geithner is the current Secretary of treasury under Obama and one of the most prominent protege’s of Robert Rubin and Larry Summers. Ben Bernanke is of course the Chairman of the privately owned Federal Reserve bank of New York

These are just a few connections of our Prime Minister who indebted this country in a very serious way over the last three years after Labour paid off the debt build up by the previous National government.

That money he borrowed is going straight into the pockets of the characters mentioned above. Think about that. Is that the man you want as our Prime Minister while the Golman Sachs gang takes over Europe?

20 thoughts on “Six degrees of separation or how close is John Key to the key players in the global banker take over?

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  2. Ev, you left out my favorite first degree mate of John Key’s: James T. Hackett. This is the CEO from Anadarko petroleum who met with Key on Nov. 17th 2011. Was he here to only talk about drilling for oil in the Great South Basin? Doubt it. He’s also on the board of Halliburton. He is also on the Trilateral Commission. He is also the former Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Etc, etc. Here’s only part of his bio:

  3. Shame the media isn’t allowed to beam the news-worthy information into the complacent bovine masses respective lounges at 18:00 every evening, Instead of advertising and human interest twaddle. Thankyou for sharing, and well done if English is your second language. My ranty typing is far worse! -Chur

  4. THe people associated with Lazard (lizard in some circles) read like a list from the illuminati and corporate America.


    JP Morgan,CEO

    Chief restructuring officer for US treasury,

    Senior official of Obama administration

    , Enegy czar under Gerald Ford

    ,Previous head of I M F,Former chairman of Nasdaq.
    Lazard are venture capitalists.

    This is the company J KEY is entrusting the sale of N Z assets ,
    Seems JK is still working for U S A

  5. Imagine if we had a pro-active Media ,what a difference that would make.
    All these financial reptiles seem to have access to a revolving door ,they go from the Fed to the Treasury to Goldman Sach etc…etc… and back around raking in millions and producing nothing but destruction in their wake and covering up the crimes of their predecessor !

  6. SpaceMonkey – Some outfit called The Lazard Group has, rather preemptively, already been assigned to begin the work of selling the SOE shares. I don’t know anything about them, but the fact that they’ve been appointed before the election has even happened sys a lot about JK’s contempt for NZ. He doesn’t have his “mandate” yet, but he’s already greasing the wheels.

    • Lazard Group are only providing “independent quality assurance” to the Crown Advisor role (Deutschebank). The lucrative job is the lead management role, which is what Goldman may bid for. Lead management may be shared across the assets for sale but one will be enough for Goldman to make a killing by inflating the share price pre-IPO and collecting their fee as lead manager, then shorting it, and then dropping the share price post-IPO. Stanard Goldman operating procedure.

      The QA role is normal, but their being appointed prior to the election smacks of arrogance on National’s part and indicates to me that asset sales post-election, assuming a National victory, will happen quickly in 2012.

  7. Excellent blog again Ev. When Key first appeared on the scene in 2002, it was enough for me to learn that he was ex-Merrill Lynch to want him as far away from Government as possible, and that was before I found your blog!

    Assuming a National win this weekend, do you want to bet that Goldman Sachs will get the job selling our assets…? Their being touted and it’s a truly frightening thought!!

    • Thanks for pointing out to me that I needed to clean up my post. English is my second language and sometimes I write with too much impatience

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