Mafia and Wall street, you can never leave!

Just the other day I had an interesting interaction on Kiwi blog. I thought it would be educational to give them the link to my open letter to Eugene Bingham. To my surprise one obvious John Key voter actually engaged in a more or less reasonable interaction which judging by the obviously mentally challenged troll level of most commentators came as a surprise. He said that while he does not necessarily liked John Key or even trusted him he thought John Key more capable  to face the difficult times ahead and would vote for him regardless. 

I thought about this for a couple of days and tried to make sense of this strange attitude and why he missed the mark and here is what I’ve come up with.

To most Kiwi’s John Key has come back to play NZ politics and work for them and while a lot of people are waking up to him because of the asset sales it is still not clear to most people that even if he wanted to he can not do what is beast for his own people and that is because if he did he would loose if not most a huge chunk of his wealth.

You see, like the Mafia the Wall street banking world white shoe boys like to hold on to their assets and John Key whether you like it or not is one of them.

And here is why: Money is created as debt. If you borrow money for say a house that money gets loaned into existence and you pay it back with interest.  If you don’t know this here is a video link to a film called Money as debt which explains our banking system in 45 minutes and here is a series of video’s called the Crash course which also explains why our current system is doomed due to this money as debt system!

So do yourself a favour and educate yourself about this system. When you have you will understand why Europe is so massively in debt and why the system will collapse no matter what they come up with. Fiat money or money not backed by real world assets is doomed to fail.

John Key has most of his wealth tied up in Banking shares from Bank of America. This you can find on the government website. It is the only think he owns not in on of his two trust funds and while he holds real world assets and it may be only a million or maybe 25 of his 50 million the fact that it is not in his trust funds indicates that he wants to be able to check up on it himself and keep control over it himself as trust funds generally have trustees which means they have insight into what goes on with those shares.

When Merrill Lynch went bankrupt (And John Key told us himself that he lost value from that event) those shares were converted into shares of Bank of America when that bank bought Merrill Lynch.

If you have educated yourself with the above courses you will understand that unless the banks make us go ever more into debt they will collapse. Bank of America recently put 75 trillion dollars of Merrill Lynch’s collapsed Derivatives on an insured bank branch in an attempt to extract that money dollar or dollar from the US citizens.

John Key as a banker who specialised in managing the department of debt for Merrill Lynch, the market which spawned these derivatives, knows how banks work and knows that this system is doomed to fail but in order to protect his wealth still connected to the most hated bank in the US has to help keep that system in tact and he has done so to the tune of 60 billion in loans to New Zealand.

Bank of America which is currently probed for issuing hundreds of thousands of fraudulent foreclosures has lost huge chunks of the value of its shares and is in the process of collapsing and John Key’s shares are as he put it long term investments so he can’t just sell them of. One they are long term investments and currently they are worth cents on the dollar so you see he is in a very nasty situation. He is stuck with his investments in BofA which is sinking fast and the only way he can help stop it is if he helps the banks to more money created by creating debt.

Wall street works that way and if he breaks the code of silence he looses all, like the Mafia once your in you can never leave.

And this is why voting for John Key is a very,very bad idea.

4 thoughts on “Mafia and Wall street, you can never leave!

  1. While agreeing with much that you say, I think if you want to be taken seriously as a writer that you should pay more attention to your grammar and spelling……

    • It doesn’t matter who the government borrows from (Although I would dearly love to know) because the banking system is so interlinked that if one of the big banks goes they will all go. We are currently just watching the end game of the Federal reserve Ponzi scheme. The video money as debt explains how interconnected the banking system is.

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