John Key, more secrecy and an oilspill of 660,000 tons or how we are sold down the river!

If you are still labouring under the misconception that John Key brought transparency and honesty to the democratic process I suggest you close your eyes and ears now and sing lalalalala very loudly so you can stay delusional. If on the other hand you are beginning to wake up to the ugly truth that John Key truly earned his nickname of the Smiling Assassin because of his pleasant Machiavellian nature this should be of interest to you:

John Key had another secret meeting. This time with the CEO of American oil giant Anadarko. What is Anadarko you might ask. Anadarko is one of the companies responsible for the  oil spil in the gulf of Mexico.

How come a private citizen of another country on Holiday in New Zealand can have secret meetings with our head of state while we as the citizens of this state can not get a word out of our Prime Minister via the fourth estate?

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