My two cents on the eviction of OWS encampments.

Here are my two cents on the coordinated evictions of the OWS encampments.

I totally support any resistance to the powers that be. I am a pacifist and hate violence but we are facing an enemy who was prepared to kill its own and people from other peaceful Nations living in the US in a false flag attack to be able to go to war and kill millions of peaceful people in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia (Not to mention the “Humanitarian” bombings of Libya and the pending attacks on Sirya and Iran).

To expect to be able to protest this enemy and over throw the regime terrorising the US and much of the world in a peaceful manner is to expect Jesus to come down from the heavens and make the pain go away without having to do anything about it yourself.

I do believe that unless we face up to the true nature of the events of 911 and realise that the world we live in is ruled by truly evil people and that peaceful resistance will only work if the real 99% en masse refuses to further cooperate with these people we are doomed and that millions upon millions of people will die in horrible violent eruptions of murderous rage and frustration as people begin to realise how far we have come in the global fascist empire that is silently but inexorably being wrapped around us and ours to terrorise and enslave and kill.

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