Key takes on NZ paper over secret recording

I would love to see this go to court!

Two high profile politicians organise a publicity stunt in order to get one of them elected and they do so in an open public place with it seems plenty of ears on the space even after all journo’s are removed. According to this photo they are not alone. This means in my opinion that they have given up their right to privacy and can not expect their conversation to be in the realm of private communication.

Added to that they have a public function and they meet within the realm of this public function. The fourth estate has the duty (not that you would know from the subservience they have shown John Key) to inform the citizenry of the comings and goings of their leaders and what they say. The secrecy John Key is in direct contradiction to his calls for more transparency and as such deserves close attention form NZ’ journo’s. I say let’s go to a judge and fight for openness in government

5 thoughts on “Key takes on NZ paper over secret recording

  1. Let’s say JK was acting in the office of, or presenting himself as an agent of ‘Prime Minister of NZ’, or in other words, let’s say he was simply BEING the PM during that conversation,


    Let’s say the raison d’etre of the office of Prime Minister is to represent the interests of the people of NZ, and the role of any person acting as PM is to act in the interests of the people of NZ, from whom ALL his authority and power comes,


    the people of NZ, represented by their paid agent, John Key, were present at that conversation, and therefore that conversation is 100% OUR BUSINESS, and, JK has no right to withhold any information we may request of him regarding the job we have employed him to do.

    • I agree totally but it seems our PM things that just because he was elected this gives him “Unbridled” power to negotiate deals in secret. Deals which clearly are not in the best interest of most people in NZ

  2. The word from the underground is that something was said about Don Brash.

    The thing that cracks me up is that JK is quick to cite it being illegal to record someone without their knowledge and yet his Government passed another heinous law, under urgency, that allows the Police to do exactly that! I’m sure I recall him saying something to the effect that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about… unreal!

    So the psychopathy comes through again… not content with greedily accumulating vast amounts of wealth, he’s extending it to standards as well. Because the thing about double standards is that they afford you twice as many standards as everyone else.

    But it’s a nice diversionary sideshow… it conveniently enables JK to avoid having to “akshully” electioneer.

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