Lucas Papademos, Mario Monti….. John Key?

In Greece Lucas Papademos a banker aligned with the international ruling elite has taken over in Greece in what can only be described as an undemocratic coup and the same has happened (As I called it last week) in Italy with the appointment of Mario Monti who appears to be an active international advisor to Goldman Sachs and member of the Bilderberg group.

This is nothing short of the realisation of the Global bankers rule Rockefeller spoke of in his speech in 1991:

We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.
-David Rockefeller, Bilderberger meeting, 1991

In light of these developments it is I fear not to much to assume that John Key whose interests in the BofA are in the millions and who has met with Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke when last visiting the US will attempt to do the same here as the “Austerity” starts to bite when the banks call in the billions he has borrowed in the last three years.

So you read it here first. When the international financial situation worsens Either John Key or one of his banking buddies will take over NZ in a “Soft” coup!!!

7 thoughts on “Lucas Papademos, Mario Monti….. John Key?

  1. So the “financial elite ” totally fuck up and crash the world economy. Resulting in countries essentially losing their autonomy to the likes of the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund ! They get more money only if they agree to “undertake” certain actions blah blah blah ….
    Then when the elected leader is replaced by the likes of Lucas Papademos, or Mario Monti ,the “financial elite ” cheer because “they understand finance ” …WTF ,these pricks don’t have a fricken clue ! They got us here and they will never get us out of this inconceivable debt !
    What’s the formula P<P+I where
    "P"=principal and "I" = interest. "P" is issued with "I" …it must fail ,
    Governments must retake the issuing of all currencies or we are doomed to repeat this criminal cycle ad nauseam .

  2. tena tatou katoa …….i do not give my vote to anymore of these lying thieving pakeha politicians illegally operating their british customs null and void fraudulent laws for 180yrs or so
    whom fraudulently continue to breach and doormat the code of ethics under their draft treaty 1840 it is been totally dishonoured ?
    i never ceded my sovereignty to queen elizabeth she is not my queen she has no whakapapa to me or my land that she fraudulently acquired under her reign of lies and fraud and breach of her laws in my land of my tupuna
    she owns by fraudulent means of greed and corruption many lands in commonwealth she has nothing to better or help my people since she came into being …..
    i am of ngapuhi descent i give alliance to the declaration of independece 1835
    i herewith give notice that my son was murdered in care 9 jan 2011 at waikeria prison its a corrections governmental bad messy wrong
    i seek truth and justice for the murdering govt to be held accountible for this miscarriage of human rights n justice ……
    i believe in hone harawira and mana its like a fresh breathe of air for us pohara maori and we walk with many others ……
    all previous lying thieving govts are null and void in my eyes are all wrongs will be righted ….mauri mate …..mauri ora …..manarangatiratanga

  3. When a ruling NZ political party changes it’s leader, creating a new PM, it’s not called an undemocratic coup. In NZ, we don’t vote for a PM – we vote for candidates/a party. The majority appoints its own party leader as PM. So what’s different with Greece?

    • When a government falls over its financial policy the people should have a say in a new government which will do the will of the people not have their choice taken away by an unelected person who will form a new government.

      What is very telling is that Papadopoulos suggested a referendum so the people could have a say in what was to happen next and this was crushed and that Berlusconi wanted new elections and that too was crushed.

      If John Key after re-election decides he wants to step down when the financial collapse will inevitably come to this country and Don Brash takes over as the “interim” leader who will sort out the financial mess because he was once the governor of the reserve bank you can rest assured that it’s a take over by the international finance world too.

      Don Brash travelled to meet with the governor of the Bank of England and Washington (Read Geithner and Bernanke) on the day he was supposed to watch the All Blacks in the finals. You think he went there to help them sort this shit out? He went there to take orders. Mark my words!

      • I’m not sure about Don Brash Ev… I think you need to look a little closer to within the National Party itself. I agree that Don Brash is another stooge for the bankster elite but I suspect Bill English is the one being groomed to step into the breach when the manufactured financial crisis finally hits here.

        I watched him on The Nation in the weekend, unable to give a straight answer to any straight questions. What an idiot… he’s the perfect candidate.

        • Me neither but is English really the man to betray his country like that? At least Don Brash was friends with MIlton Friedman and a couple of the neocons who wrote about the New American centrury.

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