Corruption on the rise in New Zealand

Monkey see is monkey do and the secrecy and old boys networking of the National party seems to have found some following.

4% of people admitted to having paid a bribe and 73% of Kiwi’s believing that corruption was on the rise and the amount of complaints about judges is sky rocketing.

4 thoughts on “Corruption on the rise in New Zealand

  1. Quote: “The root cause of law and order” Wow! And this man is standing for parliament!

  2. The idea that pollies could or should go back to work (what ‘work?’) is quaint, to say the least. The idea that any sort of term limit would re-ground them in reality is similar. Once they’ve had a taste of heated seat BMW and all the “baubles and trinkets” of power, they loose all interest in the real world and the tax-paying fodder who are and have become, ‘beneath them.’

    Yurtle the turtle. Where’s Mac?

  3. I’ve been posting this idea on US site for years and I think its relevant in all countries …”Term limits” on all elected positions ! My old man was the President of the Oil Industries Branch of the Australian Working Men Union (for 13 years) and in the end one of the requirements was that after a period “representing” the workers you had to be a WORKER ! So I think it was after 5 years you had to go back to full time employment in the Industry you “represented” otherwise you would be “out of touch” with the people you “represented”.
    This seems rational to me . And it sure as hell helps stop cronyism and all the “disconnects” we see with our “elected officials” .
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    • I like that idea. I think Jesse Ventura said he only wanted to serve one term as Governor because he believed that longer than that meant you were a career politician who would think more in terms of what was good for him rather than the people he served.

      In fact I think it was in either Celtic or pre-Celtic culture you could only be king for a year after which you were send to the place were old kings go. You had a great year with lots of maidens all the food and drink you could handle but after that it was the chop.

      Now that is a tradition I would like to see revived!

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