147 Corporation rule the world or why the 1% are the worst destroyers!

Something funny happened when a Swiss research group wanted to do some research on Psychopaths and they needed to have a control group. As it happened the control group were financial traders such as our Prime Minister John Key. Turns out the traders scored way higher on the psychopathy scale then the ones being researched!

Around about the same time another group of Swiss researcher managed to scientifically confirm that only 147 big companies control the world.

Of those companies the first 50 or so are banks and number 10 on that list is Merrill Lynch. That is the bank John Key made his dosh in as a trader and in fat rose all the way to the top as the manager of debt, (as in derivatives now collapsing the world)

So if traders are far more destructive than Psychopaths and if rising to the top in that world means you have to be the biggest badass of them all what does that tell you about John Key? Here is the check list for Psychopathy. It suits him to the teeth down to the strip clubs John “had” to visit during his tenure as a Wall street banker. Remember his nickname was the Smiling Assassin!

No wonder Monbiot has to come to the conclusion that those very few named the 1% really are the greatest destroyers!

4 thoughts on “147 Corporation rule the world or why the 1% are the worst destroyers!

  1. I was talking to a guy at work today about the “occupy” movement ,he commented that the guy interviewed on last nights News did the “cause” massive harm.
    Problem was the guy interviewed had an unkempt look with the unruly hair thing happening .I said I understand and how cool it would be if we could organize a week of “occupiers” wearing suits only. It would show how to much is place on “looks” rather than facts…the unruly looking guy actually speaks three languages and is very intelligent ,he just lives to his own rules is all.

  2. There is a *lot* of Wall St business conducted in strip clubs! It’s considered quite normal to go to those establishments. One bankster I knew thought it hilarious to take clients to a BDSM bar! Just guessing… but from JK’s perspective, to not participate would probably have been a career limiting move.

    • I agree! But don’t you find it at all odd that business should be conducted in strip clubs in the first place? Here is a great series called inside the meltdown http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meltdown/view/>

      If cocaine,booze, prostitutes and strip clubs are the modus operandi of any business it would be called corrupt and decadent so why was it considered OK in the banking world?

      • They’re crime lords masquerading as respectable. The only difference between the mafia and the banksters is a licence to trade.

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