4 thoughts on “Is the economy deliberately ruined? New film says so!

  1. I used to support Bush, but I can no longer. Why with oil prices soaring, the price of everything soaring, and wages dropping would you support reducing greenhouse gases?! Why would you put further pressure on consumers and the economy? Don’t give me that global warming crap either. The earth has been warming for 300 years and the level of CO2 has been higher at times in the past with no correlation to surface tempuratures!

    This goverment would seem to me be trying to deliberately bankrupt this nation by sending us into a depression. Everyone knows the wealthy have abandoned the dollar for euros. After the collapse there would be a fortune to be made.

    If all this isn’t bad enough, our other choice is Obama or Hillary! Two flaming liberals who will further bancrupt this nation with out of control spending by some estimates to be upwards of 880 billion a year. We are broke people. Our credit is ruined! Wake up.

    • I’m not totally sold on Ron Paul but if I was living in the US I would vote for him if only to get the US out of these insane wars and back to the constitution!

  2. Do you have a release date? Joining the dots, as they say, is what we need to see exactly how this has been perpetrated. And am right to assume that Key is part of the conspiracy by coming back to NZ with the intention of effecting the same heist here? Everything points to that and it saddens me to the core that most of our citizens have fallen for it. I despair.

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