Greens vote could put Labour in Government – Key

Let’s prove him right!

Prime Minister John Key has conceded National risk losing the election should the Green Party hold the balance of power.

The Green Party captured 10.1 per cent in the latest DigiPoll, the party’s highest rating in the poll since the 2002 election campaign. With Labour floundering around the 30 per cent mark in most polls, and no other minor party polling higher than 2 per cent, the Greens could hold the balance of power should National fail to win 50 per cent of the vote.

The Greens have not ruled out working with National, but it’s has been described as “unlikely” by the party’s leaders.

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One thought on “Greens vote could put Labour in Government – Key

  1. Good news, i like the Greens and they come up with some good ideas and like to put our environment first. Let’s hope Labour pick it up too and then we can get rid of National.

    Been doing a lot of reading around online regarding polls etc and the majortity of feedback comments are opposed to National, even though a lot of the polls keep highlighting labour points dropping and national gaining popularity.

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