Did John Key just promise to give millions of dollars to al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda flag over Benghazi

To most Kiwi’s the NATO attack on Libya was all about freeing the Libyan people and killing the latest Villain du Jour and the rebels we helped put into place were promised millions of NZ dollars to help them rebuild an infrastructure which until the attack had been perfectly fine.

But who are these rebels and why is the al Qaeda flag flown in Benghazi and if we are fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan than why are we giving aid to the same group in Libya which will return to extreme Sharia law after the death of Gaddafi?

One of the leaders and the commander of the rebel forces is a man called Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi who openly states that he was fighting in Afghanistan killing US troops a a fundamentalist rebel and he is listed as a “member” of Al Qaeda.

With the return of Sharia law, army comanders who were actively fighting Western troops in Afghanistan and a fierce anti US sentiment amongst the Libyan rebels why in the world are we promising to give millions of dollars to these people while NZ soldiers are dying in Afghanistan fighting the same people?

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