John Key, Phill Goff two sides of the same coin or how both are catering to the Money Masters

With calling for a compulsory membership of Kiwi saver and raising the pensionable age to 67 in the next couple of years Phill Goff has shown his true allegiance: That of the financial terrorist scamming the world into indentured slavery!

John Key will do the same of course by selling of New Zealand’s assets leaving Kiwi’s as tenants in their own country but Goff by putting the onus of the debt repayment on the shoulders of the workers of New Zealand is doing excactly what it should not be doing if they were really on the side of the working class of New Zealand. Taking money out of the all ready diminished pay check even three years from now amounts to nothing more than another tax as it is by no means sure that money will be accessible in the future as out financial system continues to unravel and collapse and forcing people to work longer then 65 years as jobs will continue to disappear is a punishment and an act of enslavement.

What they should have said of course is that they would have a good hard look at the current financial system, Make kiwi bank into more powerful as a kiwi owned bank and limited the influence of the foreign owned banks. Another good suggestion would have been the reversal of the tax cuts to the rich and make tax cuts to the poor in order to get people to spend a little more. The reversal of GST on food and the the rates adapted to the reduced value of houses would be very opportune and while we’re at it the nixing of the Reserve act would be very much in order too so the government could extend social credit for small start ups getting our local economy going again.

Tying the NZ worker to a collapsing financial system is the one thing labour should not do and in doing so they have shown that either they have no idea about the real world out there or they are perpetuating the scam that is fractional banking and the Reserve banking system either way they don’t deserve our vote.

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