Hamilton to build a $ 30 million data base

What’s more it intends to spen hundreds of millions more on Data gathering. All to “save us money. Can I hear a “government spy program” here ?

Datacom will build a $30 million data centre in Hamilton after it was selected alongside fellow New Zealand-owned company Revera to supply computer infrastructure to government agencies over the next 10 years.

Chief operating officer Steve Matheson said Datacom had considered building in Wellington but had decided against that because of the earthquake risk. The Hamilton centre will open early in 2013 and will operate alongside Datacom’s Orbit data centre in Albany, Auckland, which opened in 2009 and in which it has now invested $40m.

Datacom and Revera are in line to win hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business as a result of the government initiative to centralise and buy information technology infrastructure as a “service”.

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3 thoughts on “Hamilton to build a $ 30 million data base

  1. Ah what a surprise – Hamilton, one of the favored area’s for the NWO.

    The government suddenly pulling money out of their asses for information technology infrastructure… like our new broadband lines.

      • Could be because it’s such a dumb red neck town generally? Soo stupid it will spend loads of money on stupid projects such as the Velodrome and the V8 races? Just guessing and not judging every Hamiltonian but you know the general atmosphere of wilful ignorance.

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