Fukushima disaster caused world’s biggest nuclear sea spill

Can I get a Duh! here:

PARIS – France’s nuclear monitor said on Thursday that the amount of caesium 137 that leaked into the Pacific from the Fukushima disaster was the greatest single nuclear contamination of the sea ever seen.

But, confirming previous assessments, it said caesium levels had been hugely diluted by ocean currents and, except for near-shore species, posed no discernible threat.

From March 21 to mid-July, 27.1 peta becquerels of caesium 137 entered the sea, the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) said.

One peta becquerel is a million billion bequerels, or 10 to the power of 15.

Of the total, 82 percent entered the sea before April 8, through water that was pumped into the Fukushima’s damaged reactor units in a bid to cool them down, it said.

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One thought on “Fukushima disaster caused world’s biggest nuclear sea spill

  1. Significant increases in radiations levels – highest in May

    Arizona – 18.2 times higher

    Eureka California 53.05 times increase (8 inches of rainfall)

    San Diego 11.42 times higher

    Hawaii 23.98 higher %

    Utah 16.77 times higher.

    Top Increases


    Salt lake City


    San Diego

    Honolulu Hawaii

    Riverside California

    Orlando Florida

    Hilo Hawaii

    Las Vegas Nevada

    San Fransisco CA

    Omaha Nebraska

    Sacramento California

    Jacksonville Florida

    Idaho Falls Idaho

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