Did US/NATO betray a white flag truce in Libya?

For thousands of years the White flag was honoured as a sign of surrender and the effective end of battle. In fact respect for ther use of the white flag is a requirement and legal obligation in the Hague Conventions and breaking this legal requirement constitutes a grave war crime.

The last few days rumours have surfaced of white flags being a carried the convoy carrying members of the Gaddafi family as they drove to what they expected to be a save surrender to NATO forces. If these rumours are true both the US and the NATO are involved in what is arguably one of the most serious of war crimes and it’s leaders should be brought to the Hague for prosecution of these crimes.

So how serious are these rumours?

On 24 October I reported on this blog that the German intelligence service had known the whereabouts of Gaddafi weeks before the horrific death of the Libyan leader. I also pointed out that the GIS has a history of sharing it’s intelligence with NATO of which it is a member and with the US.

On the same day well respected reporter Wayne Madsen reported that he had heard from his Libyan contacts (He had visited Libya during NATO’s attack) that the convoy which as you may recall travelled during daylight into what unquestionably was a completely open and vulnerable area had been carrying white flags after white flags had appeared all over the City of Sirte, the city to which the Gaddafi clan had belonged.

On the 27th of October the Asian tribune reported that according to well respected blog Hillary Clinton had been told of the White flag truce by the Rebel government and that Gadaffi would be allowed to leave Libya alive.

In the post i mentioned earlier I also reported Hillary Clinton had visited Libya unexpected and that this probably was to arrange the propaganda around Gadaffi’s capture and subsequent illegal execution but if this is true it is very likely she was there to make sure that NATO had a drone ready to fire into the White flag convoy in order to deliver Gaddafi to the lynch mob awaiting him.

This is a very serious allegation and while I won’t hold my breath since the entire Libya war was illegal and therefore a war crime it is one that should be investigated thoroughly because as the result of the murder of Gaddafi quit a few people are able to walk away from their very shady deals with Gaddafi!

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