Ask questions? Here are acouple of questions for John Key!

Here is one I would like an answer too but I won’t be holding my breath:

Is Wall street banker John Key aware that Bank of America in which he holds a great number of shares has just put $ 53 TRILLION worth of Derivatives with which he made his fortune on the tax payers of the US and if so what is his opinion and would he do the same over here if banks with the fraudulent Derivatives on their books would try to do the same?

Here is another one:

A Swiss scientific research team has come to the conclusion that only a 147 companies rule the world. Of those 147 two companies are in the top 25 most powerful companies in the world. Number 10 is Merrill Lynch and number 25 is Bank of America Corp which now owns Merrill Lynch and in which you hold shares. If the bank of America should fail which is very likely you will stand to loose a lot of money.

Where are your loyalties, with you own wealth and that of two of the most powerful companies in the world or with the Kiwis who elected you to lead this country towards the greatness you promised?

Like I said I won’t hold my breath!

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