Simon Power, Westpac and another downright conflict of interest from a National Minister

Today it was announced that Simon Power would become the managing director of Westpac’s very rich peoples department.

As some of you recall Simon Power announced a shock resignation in February this year and left many people wondering why as he was touted as the next PM for National if elected. Many people questioned what had happened behind the scenes and virtually no one believed that he left voluntarily.

It seems today we got our answer. Simon Power in what can only be described as a huge conflict of interest is going through the revolving door: From Minister of Justice, Minister for State Owned Enterprises, Minister of Commerce, Minister Responsible for the Law Commission and Associate Minister of Finance to managing and no doubt legally protecting those who are going to gain the most if after the next election those same state owned assets are sold off to the highest bidder.

That is of course if National wins!

2 thoughts on “Simon Power, Westpac and another downright conflict of interest from a National Minister

  1. When people see through the veil of bullshit – and understand how much damage the current cartel are doing to Aoteoroa …
    well perhaps John key can be appointed as CEO of the Pike Mine instead.

    • I’d like to see JK and his henchmen prosecuted and jailed for treason under the Crimes Act 1961. I think conspiring with and assiting the corporate takeover of New Zealand by non-New Zealand entities is enough.

      That said, I also thought conflict of interest when I originally read the article in MSM. It brought back to mind Tony Blair’s leap into the arms of JP Morgan when he left office.

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