John Key versus S&P: Just another fear mongering bankster!

When a rich Wall street bankster wants his way this is what he does: He calls a meeting of those he wants to bully into submission and says: “If you don’t do what I want the sky will fall down, Our ratings will go down, and there will be blood in the streets and even Martial law.”

And why not it worked before! It worked for example when Hank Paulson who at the time was secretary of Treasury after a long and successful career with Goldman Sachs told this fearmongering titbit to American Congressmen and it netted him a cool $ 850 billion to share with his mates. He even gave himself a waiver so he could stick his snout in the trough for good measure.

I also worked when Greece went under (which incidentally had been advised by Goldman Sachs where to invest their sovereign fund after which GS started to bet against Greece dropping) when the banks started to threaten sovereign countries that if they didn’t bail out Greece they too would go under and it should come as no surprise therefore that John Key tries to use the same tactic. In saying that a S&P downgrade would be more likely if Kiwi’s voted for Labour or other parties and force a change of government he is effectively saying vote for me or else the sky will come down the ratings will come down and there will be blood in the streets.

That’s what bankers do if they want their way!

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