A sign of the times: Armed police chase Raglan sheep rustlers

I don’t like this as I live close to the affected areas but Swat teams in response to rustling? it seems to me a sign of the times.

Sheep carcasses were found in an abandoned vehicle after police responded to rifle shots at a Raglan farm last night.

Gun shots on a farm near Te Uku last night sparked a police chase that ended with a Christian camp being locked down and a pair of suspected rustlers on the loose.

Waikato Armed Offenders Squad members, the Auckland-based eagle eye helicopter, police dogs and more than 10 police cars descended on the Christian Youth Camps Inc site in Waingaro Rd, Ngaruawahia, after livestock thieves fled through the property about 5.10pm.

Sergeant Neil Moncher said an abandoned Nissan Safari was found inside the camp with two sheep carcasses onboard.

A weapon – believed to be a rifle of some type – was also discovered a short distance into the bush.

Mr Moncher said a Raglan farmer heard two gun shots on his property about 4.50pm and raised the alarm after seeing a suspicious vehicle leaving the scene.

Police answering his call passed the suspects’ vehicle on the way out.

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