£64 billion wiped of UK firms in one morning!

£64 billion was wiped of the share value of UK businesses in one morning when the FTSE dropped this morning with investors selling off in a panic. I’m sure the end of the day will see a magic recovery due to the plunge protection intervention but the news is in. The banks are collapsing before our very eyes. 

Here is wha MAx keiser has to say about the financial war waged on us by the robber bankster class:

And if you think Bill English has any idea what the fuck is going on, think again. here is what he has to say from the IMF, WTO top!

4 thoughts on “£64 billion wiped of UK firms in one morning!

  1. Don’t worry Kiwis, they have it covered by selling off our Marlborough/Canterbury coastlines to oil industries ~ fracking is about to assault us all down here. These bastards days are well and truly numbered. How long can PrimeSinister keep up the facade?

    If you care to contact me on my private email Travellerev, I will connect you with some information over the next few days that will rattle the cages of this ministry.


  2. It’s confirming English’s budget forecast of 4% growth for the second half of this year was based on vapour-stats and a joke. In reference to your previous post on Key, based on these events, how confident is he really that NZ will be back in surplus in 3 years?

    “There are no clever solutions”. Bullshit. Can they start listening to the people who have been shouting about this for years? The GFC was predicted back in 2001/2002. Max Keiser, for example, has been advocating wide range of options. I’ve lost count of the times he’s said default. It’s looking more and more as though some kind of debt forgiveness is required to move forward. But with the psychopathic banksters in control, it’s difficult to see anything like that happening – mainly because debt forgiveness has to be accompanied by criminal prosecution, regulation of the markets and a clear demarcation between retail and investment banking. All of those give the banksters nosebleeds.

    What many don’t realise is that this crisis is a direct result of the response to GFC in 2008. You can’t solve a debt problem with more debt. QE was dumb from the start. So these statements from the IMF and World Bank are just noise. It also adds more fuel to the theories this is planned. If so, they’re doing their part in engineering panic, probably to justify the next round of heinous austerity worldwide – all in their favour, of course.

    In the NZ Government’s mind, I’m sure this provides very furtile ground for the justification of asset sales next year. Maybe that’s what Key has been talking about with Geithner and Bernanke.

    • Hi SP,

      I’ll respond to this a bit later and I will also do a post on where our money comes from. I have some pretty damaging links about the Fed and the NZ reserve bank and their connections.

      And I really appreciate your comments!

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