John Key is relaxed about the IMF warning!!!

John Key is not too worried about the IMF warning they issued earlier this week.  So what is it he knows what we don’t! Could it have something to do with the meetings John Key had with both Timothy Geitner and Ben Bernanke in his July visit to the US?

Let’s remember John Key is a Wall street insider and has a large stake in the survival of Wall street and Bank of America with a large portion of his wealth still invested in shares in that bank. If he’s not nervous even as the bank is down graded from A to B++ he may have cause not to be.

While we wait though here is what some pretty keyed in Bloggers have to say about the current situation:

  • Economic collapse blog gives 21 signs that something big is going to happen in the finance world and 30 signs that the US economy is going down the gurglers in awe inspiring speed
  • Zero hedge is posting so fat it’s hard to keep up but his message is not good. Bank of America is downgraded to B++ and that is were John Key keeps his nest egg
  • And the International forecaster has this to say about how international Corporations are dodging tax by off shoring their accounts to tax havens while the country they sucked dry is collapsing.

3 thoughts on “John Key is relaxed about the IMF warning!!!

  1. Of course JK has insider information on the parlous state of BoA and other financial institutions but I think right now it’s simply a case of making the right soothing noises to keep the sheeple quiet. Maintaining an air of condfidence is vital to stop investors being spooked. He’s never going to come out and say “things are really grim” until such time as it suits his paymasters’ agendas to do so.

    • I think you might be right. What makes me very curious is why John Key met with Bernanke and Geitner in July and now the Finance minister will meet with Bernanke too and with WTO and IMF. What’s up with that? Why not meet with Geitner as his counter part in the government?

      Why meet with the counter part of Bollard?

      • He’s getting the next set of orders from his handlers? More likely, probably arranging more lending or discussing lending made to date.

        Earlier in the year, on this blog, I asked where we were getting the money from. Since then the US Fed, as a part of their QE programmes, have been found to have lent to many more banks, corporations and organisations than just US-based ones. So I guess it is possible that our $300 million per week loans have their genesis at the US Fed, coming to us via something like the IMF, BIS, World Bank, etc

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