“This would not have happened if Mr. Key had been in the country” Allan Hubbard dies in Car crash.

This morning the big news was that Allan Hubbard the philanthropist Finance guru accused of Fraud and scheduled to appear before a judge on October 10th had been killed in a car accident. The circumstances as to how and why this accident happened on a clear straight road are not very clear.

While this in all probability is just a stupid accident I just could not help but remembering some odd statements made by both Allan Hubbard and John Key in the aftermath of the intervention of the Major Fraud squad.

One was from Allan Hubbard: “I think if Mr Key, who knows me, was in New Zealand, he wouldn’t have done that,”

This was said in an interview with Radio New Zealand. Key had been in South Africa attending the recent All Whites 1-1 draw with Italy. As usual he was conveniently out of the country during a major event.

And this is what happened during a meeting with Hubbard supporters:

Prime Minister John Key was called a liar when he fronted a meeting in Timaru last night packed with vocal Allan Hubbard supporters.

The Government placed Mr Hubbard, his wife, Jean, and related companies into statutory management last year.

Mr Hubbard headed the Timaru-based South Canterbury Finance which the Government spent $1.7 billion bailing-out when it failed.

“When I see an old man get rolled and robbed and accused of fraud when in fact he’s one of the most honourable men in the country I am concerned,” Radio New Zealand reported one man saying at the 500-strong meeting.

Mr Key said South Canterbury Finance had been going to collapse for a long time.

The entire time I’ve been Prime Minister I’ve had Treasury in my office week after week, month after month telling me South Canterbury Finance was going bankrupt.”

He said when the Serious Fraud Office got involved he had to be dispassionate.

Dispassionate? Or he couldn’t keep Hubbard safe and had to get as far away from him as possible not to get tainted with the Hubbard mess!

Remember: You the NZ taxpayer is on the hook for 1.7 billion which was used to bail out Hubbard’s finance company.

I would very much like to hear what he was going to say on October 10th but I guess that will never happen now!

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