I’m in great company: The Toronto hearings

In two weeks it will be exactly 10 years ago that two planes hit the twin towers of the New York World trade centre. I will also be exactly 10 years ago that something (we have not been privy to the many video’s and to date only one video consisting of a couple of frames has been released) hit the Pentagon and a plane allegedly crashed in to a field in Pennsylvania as a result it is claimed of the passengers fighting the hijackers who wanted to fly the plane into the white house.

The official Conspiracy theory of 19 young hijackers of mostly Saudi descent hijacking 4 aeroplanes, flying around in them for 1.5 hours without contact, transponders and diverting of course without intervention of the US air force  before invading two of the most guarded airspaces in the US and crashing two of the hijacked planes in the twin towers is fraught with inconsistencies and scientific impossibilities and there are many unanswered questions that remain.

Which is why a hearing is organised to take place in Toronto over 4 days from 9 to 12 September in order to present the evidence and witness statements gathered over the last 10 years in a hearing to establish whether a prima faci case can be made for a new and independent investigation.

The Toronto hearings will be aired online and as the hearings start I will attempt to link to these hearings.

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