911 First responders barred from 10th anniversary

Remember those images of first responders running towards the buildings on 911 to help save as many lives as they could and put out those fires?

Well… you would think that those first responders were taken really good care off wouldn’t you and that while hundreds of them are dying they would be central to the commemoration of the horrible events that took place 10 years ago.

But they are not taken care off. They are left to die of cancers and other horrible diseases that are more then likely the result of the dust of those buildings they breated in and gulped down on that day and only after more than 9 years did they finally receive some financial aid to help them to live and die with a little more dignity only to find that every time they visit a doctor or receive medication they are being checked against the “terror” data list and to pile even more indignity and humiliation on them they have now been barred from the 10th anniversary commemoration.

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