Libya, Sharia law, Boots on the ground and turbo Capitalism. Confused? You shouldn’t be this is what Neo-colonialism looks like and John Key loves it!

This morning I found a link to an article on the heritage blog. This blog which belongs to the rampantly right wing  hardcore Christian US group the Heritage movement links to a leaked document called a draft Libyan constitution which seems to have been build on Sharia law.

There is not way to verify if this is a legitimate document and the blog itself is a doubtful source but let’s see who is included in the “rebel” movement in Libya.

According to geopolitical analyst Webster Tarpley a great part of the infrastructure and members of the “rebels” are based on former al Qaeda members fighting the US in Afghanistan and the rebel movement itself is supported and trained by British and US intelligence and army personnel.

If and when the “Revolutionary” NATO supported army takes over and installs the puppet regime it will no doubt request British troops to help “Stabilise” the country and this will mean NATO boots on the ground. This was unacceptable with the current UN resolution allowing for a no fly zone over Libya  but with a new regime in place requesting to be occupied like the Afghani regime has done for the last 10 years this is going to be perfectly fine. We can’t have sectarian violence flaring up now can’t we?

All this “religion” will not stop the leaders of the “revolution” from selling of the oil to the victors and privatise everything in sight and the big losers will as usual be the local population. No more free housing, medicines, schooling and the women who will have to start wearing burkas and stay home.
And like the Iraqis there will come a time when the Gaddafi period will look like a walk in the park as his security infrastructure will stay in place to serve the new masters and help with the elimination of Gaddafi supporters in the months to come.

So if you are confused as to why John Key wants to financially support the “liberators” of Libya keep the following in mind:

Libya is a neo-colonialistic project run by the banksters (Goldman Sachs owed the Libyans billions of dollars and Libya has huge amounts of gold), big oil and the military industrial complex.
The money extracted from the already impoverished New Zealand population will not go to the population of Libya but to John Key’s masters and will help to fatten the shares of his portfolio and that of the rest of his rich prick friends in Washington, New York and London. And let’s not forget the rich pricks already receiving tax cuts and other perks while sucking New Zealand’s population dry.

Maybe someone could explain to the widow of Corporal Doug Grand why it is that we are fighting Muslim extremists in Afghanistan while we are installing them into power in Libya. I’m sure she’s love to know!!

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