Bank of America, 911, Gold and the total collapse. Nothing can stop it now!

Chavez wants his countries gold delivered to his doorstep and has announced he will Nationalise the gold production putting him like Gaddafi before him on the international bankster’s hit list. Were is it now? In NY. That is, of course it’s not, it’s in the cellars of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and assorted hangers on just like the “gold” in Fort Knox and just like silver has been sold many times over to unsuspecting idjits who really believed their gold would be in the banksters faults somewhere safe for them to collect if they wanted too. (If you want to help kill of the banks buy silver and demand it delivered to your door. It doesn’t need to be a lot. A couple of ounces will do and ask your friends to do the same. NZ reserve bank only sell a minimum of 20 coins but get some friends together and go for it)

That’s what bankers do!!! That’s what they have always done but with Chavez demanding $11 billion worth of the precious metal a new phase of economic collapse has started. The massive bank run which will spark the ultimate collapse of the financial system as we have known it for more than 400 years.

Why is this interesting for us over here. Well one of the banks which is expected to collapse in the very near future is the BofA and that means the richest Prime minister which has ever disgraced the Prime ministerial throne will be financially decimated if his luck would have it.

Will he go bankrupt? No probably not but it’s a huge fall from $ 50 million to maybe just the real world assets he possesses. Which is why he will be most ardently supporting the next round of QE or quantitative easing also known as massive global inflation driving food and oil prices up and real estate prices down directly hitting Kiwi’s were it hurts the most. Such is the conflict of interest he has in what should be a no holds barred Kiwi first position.

Will it help the banking system? Most likely not because the banking system is exhausting itself in sending people to unwinnable 911 related wars in far away places while driving the real world economy into the ground and people are waking up by the millions. Even war criminal Brzezinski is talking about it and it scares the shit out of him while Krugman tells us we need an alien invasion to bring the world together. (I kid you not, you can’t make this stuff up)

There is billions of us and only a couple of hundred thousand of them and one day people will know and when the masses awake and start to take action it is going to be ugly and nasty and hell on earth but it will inevitably happen.

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