WTF: Greater combat likely for SAS?

I blame the Media and the epic state of ignorance and naivete of this country!

With a functioning MSM perhaps if Kiwi’s on the whole had been more informed about geopolitical realities maybe this would finally lead to someone here asking some questions but as most Kiwi’s still think that banking scum makes an excellent Prime minister I won’t hold my breath.

So we are going to see an increase in Combat involvement in Afghanistan? Because the Taliban are adapting their strategies eh?

Well here’s a news flash for ya: The “Taliban” attacked the British buildings because they wanted to give the British a message. The message? We got rid of you before and we will again and they will.
Added to that with the Americans leaving Afghanistan (Sort of) the “Taliban” can now direct all their attention to the other idiots who send in their troops with the US and the US doesn’t have to concede defeat while that happens and they can go on to better and more fruitful conquests such as Libya, Syria and Iran.

Questions I would like to ask John Key on this subject would be:

  1. What makes John Key think that the death of a soldier is the right moment to announce that we are facing more deaths because the level of combat will be increased for SAS personel.
  2. Why do Kiwi soldiers have to increase their level of involvement to active battle duty when the US is withdrawing it’s troops?
  3. Why are we still in Afghanistan now that Osama bin Laden (which was after all the reason why we went into that country) is dead?
  4. Why are we still involved in a war which has lasted almost 10 years and which was a clear violation of UN Charters and an illegal war of conguest?
  5. Why are we involved in a war which is of a genocidal nature since we are using illegal weapons of mass destruction such as Depleted Uranium?
  6. How many soldiers does John Key think is a suitable sacrifice to be the US bumboy in Afghanistan?

As I said I won’t hold my breath!

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