Sick of high food prices and thought you could grow your own food and barter your way through the collapse?

Sick of high food prices and thought you could grow your own food and barter your way through the collapse? Think again because the NWO has come up with a genius solution to keep you hooked into the system.

Selling your veggies through a coop or bartering with your neighbours with the excess eggs your chooks give you will become illegal unless you have a permit. That’s right, the inalienable right of human beings to share, barter or trade with their own home grown food will become a government issued entitlement which can be revoked taking away your right to barter, share and trade with food you have grown even with friends.


There is a reason why governement is removing our right to grow and exchange our own food. No only does it create community which in turn creates freedom it also removes their (Corporates and Government AKA Middle management for Corporates) profits – and the profits are large!

Food Bill: Threat to seed saving and natural medicines? Guy Ralls (Organic NZ, July/August 2011 Vol.70 No.4 Issue)

The Koanga Institute’s directors say the Food Bill is a “significant threat” to heritage seed saving networks, and that “any bill saying people can’t exchange food and plant material is fascist in intent.”

The Food Bill, which went through a submission process late last year, is likely to have its second reading in Parliament in the next few weeks.

Bob Corker and Kay Baxter spoke out following confirmation by lawyers that the Food Bill will criminalise people who exchange seeds, plant material or home-raised produce – even by giving these away – if they cannot afford or are otherwise not granted a government licence to do so.

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